Merry Christmas! Chapter 3-6!

Hope you all had a good Christmas! Enjoy~


As I improve my Japanese, you may notice some distinct improvement in the translation quality in the parts to come. I can only apologize and say that I did the best I humanly could at the time for the previous parts, but Volume 2 should read really well when we get there. Like an actual novel, which was where I wanted to be with this volume, but I was limited in my experience. This is the problem with deciding to TL something at the very onset of your study. Which is kind of why I feel like I did the TL a disservice up until now. Of course, this is all just my rambling and self-doubt; you might think the TL reads perfectly fine. Which would be great!

I’ve got some things I need to talk about next time. Don’t worry, none of it’s bad. Actually, it’s all good news for this translation. So look forward to it!

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