V2, Chapter 1 complete!

Another month, another Chaika part. I’d really like to get these out earlier, but…well, it’s my fault, so I have no one to blame but myself.

In terms of TL progress I just finished Chapter 1 of Vol 3 (lol), so hopefully I can get together with the editor and push the remaining parts of Vol 2 out quickly.

Thanks for your support, as always!



2nd Anniversary Comments!

October 10 was the second anniversary of Project Chaika! I’ve learned so much since then in terms of translating and the Japanese language. My Japanese is all self-taught, mainly through the process of this project. I study Japanese in some form of another every day, and have been for the past 3 years. I can now read Japanese books at my leisure without looking up words or kanji, so I’ve come quite far. In fact, looking back on my old work in Volume 1, I find myself wanting to redo it because it’s kinda garbage in comparison (lol).

I’m also planning on doing JET next year so hopefully that will work out and I can put the stuff I learn there to even greater use towards my ultimate goal to be a professional translator.

I’m also working on another project of considerably higher difficulty than Chaika, because I’m a closet masochist. I’m doing both the translation and the editing. It may show up on this site or perhaps one of my own creation, I haven’t decided which. I owe Nano a lot in terms of getting me started on my language-learning journey, but I also kinda want to strike out on my own.

I’m currently well into Volume 3’s initial TL (which is 100% all-new content). Just for the record, it took me 2 years to finish Volume 1, 10 months to finish Volume 2, and I aim to complete Volume 3 in an even shorter time period. I’m only getting better!

Also, a volume 1 PDF should be coming soon. To those that have been waiting, I apologize.

Thanks for reading Chaika up till now, and I hope you continue to support Project Chaika in the future!


V2, Chapter 1-4!

Okay, so it’s been a while but hopefully we can do more regular updates after this. Volume 2 has been done for a while so maybe we can push it out by the end of the year!

We’re almost at the end of Chapter 1. Enjoy!


V2, Chapter 1-3!

I’m back with more Chaika! Sorry for the delay, last month was quite busy for me. I know that’s like the default excuse but it’s true! Enjoy!

P.S. This section covers the “shocking truth” scene! 😀


V2, Chapter 1-2 is up!

More Chaika! She says, “Please, enjoy!”

V2, Chapter 1-1 now posted!

Come n’ get it! 😀

Volume 2 Start!

This’ll be brief: sorry for the long delay. I’m going to be back with regular updates; Volume 2 TL is actually almost complete. All it needs is a pass through editing. Expect updates roughly weekly. Speaking of editing, give a warm welcome to my new editor LockmanCapulet!

I hope you all enjoy the volume. In my opinion it’s a much more interesting volume than the first, focusing on the second of the eight heroes, Dominica Scoda. The anime glossed over this part in a little under two episodes, so there’s a lot of new content here. Look forward to it!