Volume 3





Dragoon Girl – Frederica

“It’s a surprise attack.”


Saboteur Employed By Chaika – Tohru Acura

“What do you think you’re doing, Frederica!?”


Saboteur Along For The Ride With Tohru – Akari Acura

“What are you averting your eyes for, dear brother?”


Coffin-Bearing Princess – Chaika Trabant

“Chest-enlargement magic, must teach.”





Chaika turned to face Tohru again.

This too, was exactly like their first meeting.

The immaculate face, features just like a doll, looked almost slightly bitter.

She looked down at Tohru, still in a sitting position.

“Morning.” Tohru raised one hand to greet her. “Seems like you had quite the rest.”



Frederica’s Report of Wit and Whimsy


Hiya! I’m “East 645,” the dragoon that made a pact with the dragoon cavalier Dominica Scoda, but Tohru renamed me so now I’m “Frederica.” I kinda like the name. My current objective is to fight with Tohru again, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen until Chaika’s search quest is over.


Tohru Acura (protagonist)

A saboteur boy I challenged to a fight. I can’t tell if this guy is fearless or just an idiot. There’re a bunch of half-assed things about him, but I suppose that’s interesting in its own way. It seems his goal is to help Chaika gather all the things she’s looking for.  


Chaika Trabant

Tohru’s employer, a wizard girl who’s always carrying around a coffin. She’s actually the princess of the fallen Gaz Empire. She should technically be mine and Dominica’s enemy because of that, but the girl herself doesn’t seem to mind much.


Akari Acura

Tohru’s younger sister, apparently. She calls Tohru “Nii-sama.” She’s the comic relief, but on occasion she does bring the hammer down—literally. Do human siblings typically act like that towards each other? Not like I know. Could just be the way saboteur families in particular behave.

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