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Volume 2: 14% (Last Updated 08/04/17)

V2, Chapter 1-2 is up!

More Chaika! She says, “Please, enjoy!”

V2, Chapter 1-1 now posted!

Come n’ get it! 😀

Volume 2 Start!

This’ll be brief: sorry for the long delay. I’m going to be back with regular updates; Volume 2 TL is actually almost complete. All it needs is a pass through editing. Expect updates roughly weekly. Speaking of editing, give a warm welcome to my new editor LockmanCapulet!

I hope you all enjoy the volume. In my opinion it’s a much more interesting volume than the first, focusing on the second of the eight heroes, Dominica Scoda. The anime glossed over this part in a little under two episodes, so there’s a lot of new content here. Look forward to it!

Volume 1 Complete! Thanks for all your support!

I am pleased to announce that Volume 1 of Hitsugi no Chaika is complete at last! Yay!

I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, including my 2 editors Highwind and Jarrguy, as well as NanoDesu for his TLC work and general assistance at the start. I could not have done it without you all.

I’ve learned so much through the translation of this book, which I will put to good use in the translation of the subsequent volumes. I’m already well into the second volume, so expect quick updates. No, really. I promise this time. Volume 1’s all well and good, but there are 11 more of these suckers to go!

I haven’t posted a Chaika image in a while, and that’s because I sort of ran out. But to commemorate the volume completion, I have to have something. Let’s see…


I guess that’ll do for now.


Chapter 3 complete!

Hi guys, I’m back with a chapter completion!

There’s only one more chapter to go. I’m dividing that chapter up into only three parts, and then Volume 1 will be done at last. Sorry it’s taken me so long, and thanks for sticking with me throughout this journey! Your support has been greatly appreciated!


Merry Christmas! Chapter 3-6!

Hope you all had a good Christmas! Enjoy~


As I improve my Japanese, you may notice some distinct improvement in the translation quality in the parts to come. I can only apologize and say that I did the best I humanly could at the time for the previous parts, but Volume 2 should read really well when we get there. Like an actual novel, which was where I wanted to be with this volume, but I was limited in my experience. This is the problem with deciding to TL something at the very onset of your study. Which is kind of why I feel like I did the TL a disservice up until now. Of course, this is all just my rambling and self-doubt; you might think the TL reads perfectly fine. Which would be great!

I’ve got some things I need to talk about next time. Don’t worry, none of it’s bad. Actually, it’s all good news for this translation. So look forward to it!

Chapter 3-5!

Chapter 3-5 is here! Updates should be more frequent after this one. I know I say that every time but this time it’s for reals. That’s because the initial translation of Volume 1 is complete! YAY!

In other Chaika-related news, I recently acquired NamanikuATK’s Chaika artbook, which features all the illustrations from all 12 novels as well as a bonus chapter of the novel that takes place after the epilogue. My plan is to translate this after Volume 12. That will be quite a while though lol.


I’ve also got some cool things planned for the PDF of Volume 1. Look forward to it.

Until next time!