Vol 1 PDF Upcoming Changes/Changes from here on

Hello again. As you know, the vol 1 PDF is coming very soon. I’m currently in the process of going through the volume once more and finalizing any edits. There’s a lot of stuff to fix (bad grammar, outright wrong translations, etc.) so if you’re reading Chaika for the first time on this site you may come across some inconsistencies as I fix everything. I’ll put up another notice when everything is complete.

The most pressing and perhaps controversial (?) change here is that “Nii-sama” is going to be killed off. I’m sorry for anyone used to Akari saying “Nii-sama” at this point, but I have a good reason.

First of all, “Nii-sama” wasn’t even the correct translation in the first place—Akari actually calls Tohru “Ani-sama” (I guess I just skipped the furigana the first time around?) but by the time I realized that it was already too late and it was difficult for me to fix at that point. With the PDF I finally have a chance to right this wrong.

So what will Akari say instead? Not “Ani-sama”, because that just sounds weird in English. Sorry. Though it may take some effort to fit it in naturally on my part, I’m just going to go with “dear brother.” That way anyone not that familiar with honorifics can also get an idea of what Akari is talking about.

Once again, I’m sorry to anyone who is offended or unsettled by this change, but in the end I do feel it is best for the translation in the long run.

Ending on a lighter note, please look forward to the new-and-improved PDF version!



Current Progress

Volume 2: 100% (Last Updated 04/16/18)

Volume 3 start!

I started uploading volume 3. The beginning illustrations (with translations) and the prologue are now both up.

Chapter 1 coming soon!

Volume 2 done!!

Chapter 4-4 and Afterword are now up, meaning the volume is COMPLETE!

…Well, the volume’s been done for like half a year now. I’m sorry about uploading it just now ;__;

But anyway, I hope you enjoy the volume! 😀

Now we can get to volume 3, which is one of my favorite volumes. The translation is already almost done, I think I have 50 pages or so to go.

See you next time!


Vol 1 PDF update

It’s still coming along! I haven’t had as much time as I’ve liked but I’m halfway through the editing process now.


Chapter 4-3!

Sooner than expected, right? 😀

The final battle between our heroes and Dominica commences! Who will come out victorious?

Chapter 4-2, finally!

I shouldn’t make any more release promises lol

So expect the next part sometime

Chapter 4-1 up!

Winding down the 2nd volume!

Expect weekly updates for a while.


Missing vol 2 illustrations added

The illustrations that were missing have now been put in.

Also, I’ve decided to keep “Nii-sama” until the PDF release, where it will be changed.