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Volume 1 Chapter 3: 85% (Last Updated 12/27/16)

Merry Christmas! Chapter 3-6!

Hope you all had a good Christmas! Enjoy~


As I improve my Japanese, you may notice some distinct improvement in the translation quality in the parts to come. I can only apologize and say that I did the best I humanly could at the time for the previous parts, but Volume 2 should read really well when we get there. Like an actual novel, which was where I wanted to be with this volume, but I was limited in my experience. This is the problem with deciding to TL something at the very onset of your study. Which is kind of why I feel like I did the TL a disservice up until now. Of course, this is all just my rambling and self-doubt; you might think the TL reads perfectly fine. Which would be great!

I’ve got some things I need to talk about next time. Don’t worry, none of it’s bad. Actually, it’s all good news for this translation. So look forward to it!

Chapter 3-5!

Chapter 3-5 is here! Updates should be more frequent after this one. I know I say that every time but this time it’s for reals. That’s because the initial translation of Volume 1 is complete! YAY!

In other Chaika-related news, I recently acquired NamanikuATK’s Chaika artbook, which features all the illustrations from all 12 novels as well as a bonus chapter of the novel that takes place after the epilogue. My plan is to translate this after Volume 12. That will be quite a while though lol.


I’ve also got some cool things planned for the PDF of Volume 1. Look forward to it.

Until next time!


Chapter 3-4 is here!

Yo yo guys Chaika vol. 1 3-4 is here! Go on and sink your teeth into it! Halfway through Chapter 3!


Chapter 3-3!

It’s here guys! Consume it at your will! We get some depressing backstory with Tohru and Jasmine! Yay?


P.S. I fixed some of the page links on the site for much smoother reading 🙂

Any complaints about the translation will be defaulted to this image :P

Any complaints about the translation will be defaulted to this image 😛

Chapter 3-2 is out (finally!)

You heard that right, it’s time for more Chaika!

You get not one but TWO illustrations this time. One of them is even a slightly suggestive Chaika Trabant! Aren’t you lucky?

Vivi also appears in this part. Vivi is bae

I solemnly swear I will never forget to upload a Chaika meme in an update again.


Also, the wait was long and I apologize. Rest assured, I have been still working on the book in the meantime so updates will not cease. I just ask for your patience please~

Chaika, like rock n’ roll, will never die.

Until next time.

Will there be more updates more frequently? I’ll let Chaika herself tell you the answer.


Chapter 3 Start!!!

I’m back, and better than ever! Enjoy 3-1! We’re ALMOST to the end of the first episode now! lol

Chapter 2 COMPLETE!

Chapter 2-4 is done! And guess what that means! Go on, guess!

it means the chapter is complete. Guess better next time. 😛

Chapter 2-4 is centered on this mysterious thing Abarth seems to have! What is it? Why does Chaika want it? Why does Alberic want it? Pretend the anime doesn’t exist and be stumped! Be in suspense! Be in shock! Wait eagerly for Chapter 3! Please?

Car Trivia: VEMAC and Abarth are car companies.