Vol 1 PDF Upcoming Changes/Changes from here on

Hello again. As you know, the vol 1 PDF is coming very soon. I’m currently in the process of going through the volume once more and finalizing any edits. There’s a lot of stuff to fix (bad grammar, outright wrong translations, etc.) so if you’re reading Chaika for the first time on this site you may come across some inconsistencies as I fix everything. I’ll put up another notice when everything is complete.

The most pressing and perhaps controversial (?) change here is that “Nii-sama” is going to be killed off. I’m sorry for anyone used to Akari saying “Nii-sama” at this point, but I have a good reason.

First of all, “Nii-sama” wasn’t even the correct translation in the first place—Akari actually calls Tohru “Ani-sama” (I guess I just skipped the furigana the first time around?) but by the time I realized that it was already too late and it was difficult for me to fix at that point. With the PDF I finally have a chance to right this wrong.

So what will Akari say instead? Not “Ani-sama”, because that just sounds weird in English. Sorry. Though it may take some effort to fit it in naturally on my part, I’m just going to go with “dear brother.” That way anyone not that familiar with honorifics can also get an idea of what Akari is talking about.

Once again, I’m sorry to anyone who is offended or unsettled by this change, but in the end I do feel it is best for the translation in the long run.

Ending on a lighter note, please look forward to the new-and-improved PDF version!



Current Progress

Volume 2: 80% (Last Updated 02/28/18)

Chapter 4-1 up!

Winding down the 2nd volume!

Expect weekly updates for a while.


Missing vol 2 illustrations added

The illustrations that were missing have now been put in.

Also, I’ve decided to keep “Nii-sama” until the PDF release, where it will be changed.


Vol 2, Chapter 3 uploaded!

Another chapter for you guys! What will happen once the gang meets up with Dominica Scoda? Read to find out!

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages lately from readers saying how much they love the series, and I’d just like to say thank you! Your words of encouragement give me strength to finish this daunting project. And it will be finished, that I promise you.

I’m thinking about uploading the final chapter, Chapter 4, real soon, so see you then!


Vol 1 PDF Update


It may take a little longer than I expected.

My original intent was to just tidy up the grammar a bit and send it on its way—unfortunately, I cannot in good faith do that anymore. It’s like tidying up a house that hasn’t been cleaned in three years: you can’t just sweep everything under the rug and pretend it’s OK. When I got down to editing the prologue and Chapter 1-1 (which I thought would only take me an hour or so) I ended up spending 8 hours correcting everything. The translations were wrong, the grammar was horrible and I really just feel completely embarrassed at the fact that I actually put that out, even though I was just a beginner back then. Hence my apology.

At any rate, yeah, it’ll take longer, but the TL is better than ever. Try rereading Prologue and Chapter 1-1 and it’s almost like a completely different story, lol!


Chapter 2 uploaded!

Decided to give you guys the whole chapter, since you’re fantastic and you deserve it.

Enter Dominica Scoda! If you’ve seen the anime you basically know the deal with her. If not, well…have fun with what comes next! 😀

Chapter 3 very soon.


New Year, New Management, New Chaika!

Hello everyone, shiroi here! Long time no talk, but I’ve got quite a few things to talk about:

First of all, happy new year to you all! 2018 is going to be Chaika’s most productive year yet, and most likely my most demanding year as a translator. Why is that?

Because going forward, I will be editing all my work myself. I would like to thank my previous editors jarrguy, Highwind and LockmanCapulet for their indispensable contributions to the Chaika project while I was still getting my sea legs in Japanese. Without them, we would undoubtedly still be stuck at square one. What does this mean for you, though? A crapton of new Chaika chapters to be uploaded in the next month or so—more than a whole volume’s worth as a matter of fact. Consider it my Christmas gift to you, as well as a deep apology for my inconsistency and silence thus far.

There’s another reason as well. I’ve started a new site of my own called Oishii Translations, where I will soon begin uploading my translation of the final arc of the Zaregoto series by NISIOISIN, to be followed hopefully by other projects. If you enjoy my work, please give that site a follow! I will be working on these two projects simultaneously so wish me luck.

Finally, sorry for the delay on the PDF for vol 1, but I can now confirm that it will be out very soon.

A busy year for me, sure, but I can’t wait!